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General Information:

Technical requirements:

To use the DHISCO portal, your system must have the following installed:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP or newer
  • Browser: Internet Explorer (IE) version 6.x through 10.x or Chrome or FireFox with cookies enabled
  • Java must be installed and enabled in your browser.
You can download java from here: http://www.java.com/getjava/
How do I navigate the DHISCO portal?

The tabs at the top of the page and the links at the bottom of the page allow you to navigate to the different content areas of the portal. By clicking on the tabs or the links, the new content will be displayed.

Once you are signed in to the portal, you can also use the channel browser to navigate the portal. The channel browser is located on the left side of the page just below the sign-in area. When you click on one of the channels in the channel browser, that channel will be maximized in the content area. You can click normalize the channel or click the Show All link to restore the full set of content.

What should I do if I get unexpected results from the portal?

We recommend that you close your browser and re-open a new browser session to access the portal. If you continue to encounter issues, please contact either your system administrator or the Customer Support Help Desk.

When attempting to open a report, I receive a File Download Screen that asks me to open, save or cancel the function. When I click on Open, I am asked to save the report before I can view it. How do I open the report without having to save it?

Internet Explorer defaults to an Internet setting which forces the user to save a report in an encrypted (SSL) environment before opening the report. Here are the steps to change the Internet option:

  1. Open your browser and from the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
  2. When the Internet Options box appears, click the Advanced tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Security options.
  4. Find the option called "Do not save encrypted page to disk" and de-select this option (the check box should be clear).

When this option is de-selected, the system will return to the File Download message, but now you will be able to open a report without having to save it first.

What should I do if I am having problems opening PDF files?
If you are having problems opening the PDF files on the portal please try the following:
  1. Right click on the PDF file that you want and choose "Save as..."
  2. Open Acrobat Reader, and then open the Preferences dialog box (Edit/Preferences menu option), then uncheck the Display PDF in Browser option.
  3. Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

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